Jake Hanney
I wrote my first song, 'Loverbird', at age 8, produced my...
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Location : Australia, Drouin
Bio : I wrote my first song, 'Loverbird', at age 8, produced my 1st album, 'Sympathy' when I was 12, and I am now 17, and have released 10 singles since then. My 2nd album, 'Hard Work', was released on Dec 19, 2020 and my third studio album, 'Elimination and Creation', was released on 7 March 2022. My latest album, End Of The Road, was released on September 8, 2023. My most recent single, Blank Slate, [also featured on the End Of The Road album], was released on 25 August, 2023, and in its first week has reached #1 on the Australian Atomic Regional Charts [for unsigned artists]. A new single is imminent and a 5th studio album is planned for release later this year. I write, play, sing and produce all of the tracks and am looking for the opportunity to play/sing on the big stage. Please have a listen, and follow me, and add my songs to your playlists. You can also visit my website: jakehanney.com [where you can contact me for gigs/live performances], which has links to most of my social platforms. Thank you for your support.
Website : jakehanney.com
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