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My name is Brett Gilbee, I was until recently a primary s...
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Location : Australia, Bethanga
Bio : My name is Brett Gilbee, I was until recently a primary school teacher. I taught music and Physical Education for most of the 38 years of full time teaching. A strange teaching combination. A little like the music I write and play. My musical genre would be, as an old band mate once suggested, Dirty Folk Rock Blues and Ballads. I'm a self taught, mostly badly, music lover. Picked up my first guitar late, around 23 years young. Didn't really learn much apart from a few chords. That was enough however to be sent into the music classroom. My journey starts there. Played tamborine and cow bell in a band call 'Willy and the Wino's'. They were funny days. After teaching a few years me and a few mates all interested in playing music got together and for about 10 years had a band called "Bridge the Gap". It was at this time I started writing songs. BTG band played and called traditional bush dances and in between dance sets, we'd play our original songs. It was a great platform for our own music. When that band folded, all on good terms, I played a few gigs with a mate Pete. Think we opted for 'Get Folked" as our name. That didn't last long. After some time I started jamming with a couple of mates, Mark Cottee and Les Chettburgh from Bethanga on a Friday night. After some time and lots of nervous anticipation we created, 'Back Porch Fridaze'. A three piece very dirty folk rock blues and ballads band. Until the lockdown we were playing live gigs. Drums, Bass, Banjo, Harp, Acoustic and Electric guitar.
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