Bohemian Rogue
Australian Duo Bohemian Rogue from the Sunshine Coast Que...
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Location : Australia, Caloundra
Bio : Australian Duo Bohemian Rogue from the Sunshine Coast Queensland. Play a mix of alternative Country/Folk/Pop/Rock. You take Clive Carter, an augmenting rhythm guitarist and award-winning singer songwriter. Chuck in Gary Mears, a man of lightening licks on Mandolin, Banjo, playing foot stomping beats and you find yourself listening to Bohemian Rogue. From Main Festival stages to intimate venues, you will find Bohemian Rogue playing a cool mix of upbeat original Alternative Country, Folk, slightly hillbilly music with some kind of coastal groove. This duo records and perfoms a style of music that is engaging and unique. Original songs that can tell a story all with a sense of humour. Their live perfomances are designed to. and get audiences engaged and entertained.
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