Love Your Neighbour (Feat. Jordan Astra)
By Anna Leeworthy
According to ANNA LEEWORTHY, ‘Love Your Neighbour’ exposes the raw difficulty of “..trying to love the people around you. Especially those with strong & opposing opinions”. “I discovered I’d spent my whole life trying to keep the peace with everyone around me, and in doing so, denied myself the opportunity to discover what I really believe and stand for”. With lyrical ‘easter eggs’ linking to her ep “FEVER DREAM” (released earlier in the year), ‘Love Your Neighbour’ continues the overarching narrative of self-discovery & awareness in your 20’s. In collaboration with Canada’s Jordan Astra, “Love Your Neighbour” came together amidst ANNA’s reflection on her work on her mental health in 2022. ANNA’s frank lyrics reveal her struggle in finding her voice in a world of social media & cancel culture. Linked lyrically, visually and sequentially to ANNA’s previous releases, “LYN” continues LEEWORTHY’s artist narrative. All visuals are directed by ANNA; revealing a new piece to the musical soundscape each time.
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