Since releasing my debut EP and in the wake of 2020 I decided that some good rock and roll is just the ticket to get people moving and back into the flow of life. ‘Working On It’ is the first of nine songs which will comprise Catseye Parish’s debut album and I am incredibly excited to share it with you now! I started writing ‘Working On It’ in response to challenges I was facing with my mental health and with my perception of daily life as a young man in the modern world. “I’m finding it so hard to make it through the night with all these thoughts I’m finding” “And trying to be a man despite it all… I’m working on it” I’ve always used music as a sort of personal therapy and also as a therapeutic medium with which to engage and interact with other people, and writing this song was no exception. “Though it’s not yet dark, I’m turning on the light to try and see a silver lining” I recorded the guitar and vocals for this track and was lucky enough to have three long times friends in Canberra help me with the drums, piano and bass. The track was recorded at Infidel Studios in Canberra by Louis Montgomery, who also mixed it together for me. Mastering was done by UK based sound engineer Dax Liniere. ‘Working On It’ is the starting point of an album that will explore themes that I think we are in all too short supply of: Hope, kindness, patience, perseverance, appreciation and, above all, love.
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