Chess Brothers
Chess Brothers are a Newcastle based 3-piece band that pl...
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Location : Australia, Newcastle
Bio : Chess Brothers are a Newcastle based 3-piece band that plays rhythm and blues inspired music. Many of the songs that came out of Chicago’s famous Chess Records from artists such as Willie Dixon, Howlin Wolf, Little Walter and Chuck Berry. Increasingly we are adding our own songs to the mix. Steve (vocal & bass), Peter (Drums) and Ian (guitar) knew each other from high school in Newcastle and went on the play together in various bands in the late 70’s and 80’s. Now with more time in our lives, we have reformed and are approaching our music with a more disciplined approach that has seen us record several new songs and upgrade the odd piece of musical equipment. Our style of music ranges from Chicago Rhythm& Blues, Rock and Rockabilly and Surf Guitar. Our goals are to keep playing and to expand a following that supports the styles of music we play. Our music compositions draw on concern over our coastal environment (eg. Who took the Sand Away) as well as experiences from day-to-living and stresses,
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