Deep em aka Darren Paul Maddock or dpm is an Australian ...
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Location : Australia, Albury
Bio : Deep em aka Darren Paul Maddock or dpm is an Australian born singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, farmer, and part-time rancher. Yes, he does like country music, both kinds and bluegrass, even Celtic. But his blood flows rock, all kinds of rock. Country rock, folk rock, funk rock, jazz rock, heavy rock, just to name quite a few. IN THE BEGINNING Deep E.M. grew up at the the foot of Mount Big Ben and Mount Little Ben in Ben valley Yackandandah. As a budding musician through the 1980’s and 90’s he was known as The Ben Valley kid and was to be taken seriously. A love of music developed in his early teens whilst learning accordion, keys, saxophone, percussion, and guitar. Long stints in rock and country bands, trios and as a soloist has enabled him to develop a stage presence and rapport with audiences, deeming him worthy of further musical pursuit. CURRENTLY Deep E.M. is presently recording and working towards releasing a string of singles, appetizers for a later 5 song EP near the end of 2020 or early 2021. The first release is a song called “Break down your wall”. Hinting at the race of life we all live, and questioning are we happy with our results, achieving gold and or content with silver. And do our walls tolerate imperfection or do they need breaking down. A mixed genre tune with alt country and rock flavors. Some steel guitar and mandolin to infuse blues and bluegrass sounds. A generally pleasing to the ear song with tasty vocals, driving rhythm, written in about an hour late 2019 Debut single released 14/10/20. Another single will come in december 2020 An Ep will be recorded in 2020 for release in autumn 2021
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