Do you seek the raw energy of Death Metal vocals and the ...
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Location : Australia, wodonga
Bio : Do you seek the raw energy of Death Metal vocals and the soaring synth leads of Darkwave? The cinematic soundscapes of progressive metal married perfectly with the aggression of Deathcore? How about the odd disco beat? Trancestate is all these things and more. A culmination of multiple styles and influences to create the ultimate aural explosion. Australian Electronic Metal band Trancestate released their self-produced debut album 'Planetary Awakening' with the singles 'Impact' and 'Pandemic' and their accompanying film clips in 2018 to glowing reviews, followed short by a live debut opening a sold out show in Albury, NSW. Known for their ridiculous stage antics and silly 'dadbod' social media presence they provide an interesting and appealing blend of heavy hitting metal and synth driven groove, all served up in a self deprecating and comedic bundle of fun. "Planetary Awakening is definitely one for the very open-minded metalhead. Leave any misconceptions of what metal has to be, and any small minded old school conservatism that exists in your thought patterns, at the door when you experience this release, and just let its wonders wash over you. You will not regret it." - Rod Whitfield (Metal Obsession)
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