Reigning from the southern shores of Sydney, ZUSO plunges...
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Location : Australia, Oatley
Bio : Reigning from the southern shores of Sydney, ZUSO plunges into a world filled with wonderful soundscape, melodic lines, atmospheric synths, and ambient textures in his diverse yet appealing set of sounds. Through a mixture of traditional music principles with an outrageously modern flip, ZUSO's sound will capture your imagination, leaving you breathlessly invigorated and curiously satisfied. Comprised of solo artist Gabriel Cuenca, ZUSO is known to occupy the intersection of charming indie dance and intelligent electronic music. With a style that expertly blends infectious songwriting with delectable deep house grooves. Whilst always striving to create new sounds, and create music that’s diverse and appealing to the ear. ZUSO aim’s to bring a sense of raw emotion to his audience, as well as a sense of escapism. He embarked on his musical career as a young teenager, releasing his first single "Skies" quickly followed by his single "Feel Better" surpassing just over 57,000 streams between the two. With his unique sound now reaching new heights, he is always looking to push boundaries in this industry. Currently releasing as an independent artist, Zuso is a force to be reckoned with and, as he counties to generate publicity in the music industry, things are on the up for the young Australian.
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