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Bio : Singer-songwriters Philip Cappadona and Sharyn Dickeson of Organic Joe, embrace their natural chemistry to deliver original songs that are quirky, whimsical and satirical. This Progressive Folk duo commands an energetic fusion of contemporary folk, rock, blues & roots. Strong, toe-tapping melody lines merge with their thought provoking lyrics that are honest, reflective and humorous, ensuring Organic Joe delivers truly dynamic performances and recordings. Their use of an acoustic guitar, ukuleles, tin whistle, harmonica and percussion, creates a strong, unforgettable sound. With milk and honey vocals, layered with delicious harmonies, wicked humour and on-stage banter, Organic Joe takes their audiences on a playful journey. Named after and in honour of the owner of Joe’s Organic Market in Northcote, Melbourne, Organic Joe is inspired by the simple and complex things in life. Being, for the most part, organic themselves, their lyrics and musical style reflect this grounded, slightly humorous and tragic side of being human. Musically, Organic Joe’s influences are broad and varied. They love listening to other contemporary musicians, especially when they play at festivals. It is their original compositions, lyrics and musical soundscapes which are the real gems though. The world we live in and relationships, in their varied forms, are examined in a way that is microscopic & universal. As singer-songwriters, both Philip and Sharyn’s music has a serious and sensitive side but both are capable of writing very silly stuff to introduce the listener to the ‘sticky’ aspects of life and relationships. Organic Joe’s debut album, ‘Waiting for the Mothership’ was released in November 2015 and has been described as "Superb" and "Lyrically demanding the listener's attention". Tracks are currently being played on community radio stations in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Their second album, ‘Nine Miles Out To Sea’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Bruthen Music Recording Studio in 2018 & released to an enthusiastic & appreciative audience at the Paynesville Music Festival, February 2019. The album is available in digital format on a number of platforms including itunes and Spotify. Organic Joe’s third studio album, ‘Imperfect, Accidental, Crazy’ was released September 2021 in a soft drop to all online platforms under the record label, Warrior Records. Organic Joe followed up with film clips of the first two singles on the album, ‘Couch Cremation’ and ‘Raining’. Both film clips can be viewed on YouTube. Based in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia, Organic Joe records with Warrior Records, Bruthen.
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