25 years is a long time to be away from anything but when...
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Location : Australia, Sydney
Bio : 25 years is a long time to be away from anything but when the band broke up after years of slogging around playing venues from Selina's, Springfields, The Kardomah Café and all gigs in between other 'responsibilities' had to take the priority.. either way it was all or nothing, which was / is the only way Harrod has known how to do things. So in early 2016 all the Kids had grown up and as young adults they could see their Dad was really on the edge. The eldest had only a vague memory of the old man doing his thing at the front of a 'rock band' the others just heard the stories and the songs on the unreleased album, that got a turn up the volume play almost every christmas after a number of beers. To that end Harrod's Kids got together, bought him a new guitar and insisted he get back to it. After 25 years of what Harrod now calls his 'musical coma' 2016 saw him back in the recording studio producing his first independant solo release, the 5 track EP 'Palisade'. Following up, what Harrod says was a most joyous time, in 2017 he went back into the studio & recorded his second EP a 4 tracker he called 'Empire Down'. Where 'Palisade' was purposefuly kept sparce Emipre Down demaded a more 'full band' sound. “David Harrod - Palisade Hailing from Sydney, Australia, David Harrod is an alternative folk singer songwriter . After his band broke up in 1990, he locked up his musical gear in a shed with no intention of returning to music, but last year after his family bought him a new guitar, he came back to songwriting and performing with a roar. His recent album Palisade is the product of his newfound energy and passion. The record begins with “Keys & Crown” a foot-stomping, dark folk tune featuring vibrato-laced vocals from Harrod, steady pounding percussion and a chorus of both electric and acoustic guitars, organ and layers of vocal harmonies. Harrod skillfully uses his multiple instruments to create an inviting, encompassing soundscape that draws the listener in. As a whole, Palisade is proof that Harrod has lost none of his musical skill and prowess in his 25-year sabbatical from music. If anything, this album is simply a masterful step in his journey that is just beginning” - Andrew Westberry, No More Division (Oct 13, 2016) “Though he may have been out of the limelight for some time, Harrod demonstrates on Empire Down that he hasn’t lost any of his edge. Capably drawing from a broad well of rock traditions, the set reads like an A.M. radio masterclass, all wrapped in a tasteful sheen of production. All in all it’s good that Harrod has returned to making records, because few do it quite like this anymore.” - Peter Boyle, Divide And Conquer (Nov 22, 2017) These two EPs certainly light a fire in Harrod's artistic soul and while there wasn't a plethora of Gigs during the following years he continued to write and at the end of 2018 / begining of 2019 with the walls of unemployment closing in Harrod decided it was time for an 'all or nothing' moment. He broke open the piggy bank & went back to the studio to record a series of 6 songs that became the 'Lies Hold Truth' sessions. Rather than releasing a mini album or EP Harrod released each one as a single a few months apart throughout 2019. 'Better Ways', 'So I Lied', 'Clouds of Wonder', 'Somebody Hold Me', 'Whirlpool' and 'Wolf'. Where to from here? Who knows ... a Global Pandemic halted many things in their tracks including Harrod's plans to record again at the end of 2020 ... but that now seems unlikely.... So I guess we'll see what happens .. Cheers ;-)
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