Fuselage are an all-original 4-piece Rock Band from Adela...
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Location : Australia, Adelaide
Bio : Fuselage are an all-original 4-piece Rock Band from Adelaide formed in 2019 underneath the rumblings of the low flying aircraft soaring over their airport rehearsal space. Fuselage are the band that you hear playing when you walk into a new bar; their songs full of great beats, melodies and swagger, suck you into their world of good feeling Rock n’ Roll. You didn’t expect to find your new favourite band tonight but there they are doing what they do best. Soaking up the sounds of vintage LP’s and after several years honing their craft in musical endeavours across Australia and the UK, 2022 has been a great year for the band as they recorded their first EP BlackSun which is available on all streaming services. Fuselage have been developing their sound whilst playing regular dates across the City, leaving audiences wanting more every time. Consisting of Rob Penny on Vocals and Guitar, Toby ‘T-Bone’ Roberts on the Red-Rocket Bass, Marcus Langman laying down a solid and lively backbeat, and Wozza Langman on Guitar and vocal duties.
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