MARIAH K IS READY TO GIVE YOU SOME “REAL LOVE” Chart favourite Mariah K is back in the room with a new single “Real Love” due for release 16 June 2022 through independent label Oceanic Records It’s been nearly six months since Mariah K’s previous single “Missing Piece” topped the Atomic Music charts, a longer than usual break between her eagerly anticipated single releases after producer/co- writer Stephen Lindsay under went successful cancer surgery earlier in the year. The new single “Real Love” is a powerhouse pop number straight out of the Crookwell production studios of Old Binda Road, laden with catchy choruses and multi-stacked vocals, something of a trademark for Mariah’s several last single releases. With its feet firmly planted in Taylor Swift/Katy Perry sonic territory, “Real Love” features a driving/pounding drum beat with tom toms at the fore before opening the throttle wide open with sing -along choruses and sweet, stacked pop harmonies along for the ride! Nothing’s better than getting some of Mariah K’s “Real Love” into your life! For more information: Stephen Lindsay Oceanic Records M 0457421587
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