We're Still Here
By Kane obz
The Freedom movement in Canberra has attracted untoward police action against demonstrators and subsequently led to arrests and court prosecutions of many freedom protesters. On the 19th of April, Kane Obz court case will be heard at the ACT magistrates and will set a precedent for all following cases of similar charge; ‘trespass on Commonwealth Land’. The Legal Fund For Freedom is throwing its weight behind these cases, which are being backed on the Australian Federal Police side by the Attorney General’s Office. The proceeds raised on sales of this single will be donated to the LFFF campaign to finance legal fees and court costs, as well as building a fighting fund to assist in future cases where the LFFF will battle blatant overreach by authorities and infringements on Australians rights. See www.lfff.com.au for more details. Music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rTjPgLguqs
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