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Jade Gibson is a breath of fresh air on the country music...
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Location : Australia, Wangaratta
Bio : Jade Gibson is a breath of fresh air on the country music scene. She is as honest and down to earth as a country girl can be, and she isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty. Growing up in regional Victoria, she is no stranger to long drives and rowdy shows. “There’s no crowd like a pumped up, good time chasing, beer drinking, country crowd!” – Says Gibson With her trusty guitar in hand, and infectious personality always on show, Gibson is no stranger to the live music scene. Her powerful vocals, energetic approach to life, and charismatic stage presence have seen become a regular on the BnS Ball and rodeo scene. Winning over those crowds has opened the door to the festival circuit across Australia, where she is now making a name for herself at the next level. Gibson has shown she will go wherever her music takes her, spending a whole year in Nashville studying in 2018. This experience was invaluable in developing her skills as a professional recording artist. From performing to song writing, and ultimately recording, and releasing original music, there is no better crash-course than Music City! “There are few places more inspiring for a young artist. You are immersed in music. It’s all you do, and it’s all that you want to do!” With 10 singles under her belt, including her top 10 chart topping single ‘Til We Fly’ and fan favourites such as ‘The Great Unknown’ and ‘Wildfires’, and her never-give-up work ethic in toe, this 2022 Toyota Star Marker finalist more than ready to make her mark on the Australian music landscape.
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