Mayfair Lane
Mayfair Lane is married couple Rhys and Esther Duursma fr...
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Location : Australia, Albury
Bio : Mayfair Lane is married couple Rhys and Esther Duursma from North East Victoria. Rhys is the drummer and lead singer of indie-rock band Lowline and Esther grew up in a small town on the NSW south coast where she formed her own singer/songwriter style. Their commitment to combining their different musical backgrounds and finding a new sound together has led to a growing fan base and well received debut album ‘Go Again’ which launched in February 2019. Since then they have embarked on a twelve month experiment as full time musicians and van lifers, travelling up and down the east side of Australia as well as overseas, sharing their songs and stories. In the middle of the year Mayfair Lane supported Celtic duo The Sweet Sorrows on a three week tour around the UK and then joined folk-family band The Hollands! on a four week tour across the US. This incredible opportunity put them in front of international audiences who loved the pair’s sweet harmonies, conversing guitars and authenticity. Come and join their journey as they find their place in the Australian indie-folk scene and continue ‘life on the road’ in their little van, Morrison.
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