Human Dinosaur Machine
Human Dinosaur Machine is a four piece blend of 90s Grung...
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Location : Australia, Lismore
Bio : Human Dinosaur Machine is a four piece blend of 90s Grunge, Pop & Punk with an Australian edge that will bury it's hooks into you upon listening; a vocally raw truth beside humour & pain, supported by intricate rhythms and gorgeous melodies that will completely envelop you. HDM's birth in 2015 was the result of social refuge during a house party in Lismore between two strangers & a guitar. What started out as a jam sesh blossomed into four close friends making punk music together. Human Dinosaur Machine's motivation has always been a brutalised, honest look at brains & all the fun highs and lows that come with personal well being, mental health & turning something good or bad into music. 2020 turned out being a good year moving forward for HDM - having their single 'Diary of Broken Bones' spun by Josh on Short.Fast.Loud for the 'new noise' as well as reaching #5 in the Amrap regional community radio charts for their single 'Spaghetti'. Recently, HDM dropped their debut self-titled album and are hitting the road in March and April. HDM is Northern Rivers Punk xoxo "HDM are like caged tigers with broken teeth - too wild, too angry, too loud, too BIG! to be boxed into a recording studio. See 'em live!! See 'em soon!!" - Rob Hirst, Midnight Oil
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