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Location : Australia, Wagga Wagga
Bio : Bearded musicians seek smiley person with pleasant face for appreciating shows, song-writing and maybe more! We are the band you're looking for. Hello lads and ladies! We’re learning about important dates in history. Wanna be one of them? duckPuppy is a post-hardcore band from Wagga Wagga, NSW. We have supported a number of national and international touring acts, self funded a tour of the US, and played in many venues across Australia. 2016 saw the release of “Hunter & Hunted”, an EP recorded, mixed and mastered in Wagga. The songs “Soak in Your Lies, Kidney Boy!” and “Adam Robson” received radio airplay on radio stations across the nation. During the pandemic lockdown of 2020, We entered the studio again to record two EPs at once: “Ghosts Interpreting Dreams” (Dec. 2020) and “It’s All Haze” (set for release 22 May 2021). Our ideal date would involve writing songs in the Riverina with a smooth-skinned person by our side. While we're there, we admire your pleasant face whilst feeling we’re the luckiest band on the planet. Light me fire, babe duckPuppy
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