Bridge The Border
Bridge The Border draw from a large pool of alternative i...
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Location : Australia, Albury
Bio : Bridge The Border draw from a large pool of alternative influences to create a pop punk sound that is both accessible to new listeners, and progressive for fans of the scene. The Gippsland four-piece craft riff heavy instrumentals topped with lyrical content combining abstract simile, with personal anecdotes to create a balance of meaningful stories with catchy hooks. Bridge The Border often delegate vocals within the band, each member adding more depth with varying cadences. Guitarist Harley Nobelius does the heavy lifting as Frontman but utilizes: Jake Van Roy (Lead Guitar), Darcy Handley (Drums) and Ryan Qualizza (Bass) to compliment with harmonies or cut through with leads of their own. One year since release of their second single ‘Spears’ followed by handful of impressive bands supported (Deez Nuts, Earth Caller, Ocean sleeper, Terra), Bridge the border is releasing their debut Ep “Congratulations, Everybody’s Gone” on June 29th. The EP Showcases collaborations from Cassie Sutton of Terra and Christopher Vernon from Resist Records latest addition Better Half. Their newest single ‘Congratulations’ pushes BTB into their heaviest sound yet, Nobelius’s powerfully sung cleans soaring over Handley’s ferocious screams during the chorus mark a huge growth in this bands musical prowess.
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