Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, RUSTY is a multi-talent...
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Location : Australia, Adelaide
Bio : Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, RUSTY is a multi-talented artist known for his prowess as a producer, DJ, and songwriter. His music journey began during a challenging period in his life, as he battled health issues stemming from a bout with COVID in March 2022. The virus left him with a life-altering condition, including POTS, chronic fatigue syndrome, and mast cell Activation syndrome, which significantly impacted his daily life. However, RUSTY turned to music production as a lifeline, using it to maintain a sense of normalcy and creativity during his difficult recovery. RUSTY's sound is a fusion of dance-pop with distinctive elements of house and future house. Drawing inspiration from artists like Fred Again.., Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Cheat Codes, and NOTD, he crafts music that evokes nostalgic euphoric vibes while also sharing his own pain and struggles, with a message of resilience and hope. Despite embarking on his music production career just 16 months ago, RUSTY has already achieved notable success. His debut single "Kiss," released in September, quickly gained traction with over 30,000 streams on Spotify. His follow-up, "Love U More," garnered over 15,000 streams within just two weeks of release. These achievements highlight his talent and the growing demand for his music. RUSTY's artistic journey is not only a testament to his dedication and creative talent but also a source of inspiration for those facing adversity. His aspirations extend beyond music, with a desire to influence people in a positive way, showcase the strength to overcome challenges, and share his music with audiences around the world through live shows and travel. With a fervent dedication to his craft, RUSTY is poised to leave an indelible mark on the scene.
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