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Hi there, my name is Ollie Twohill, I’m a 21-year-old sin...
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Bio : Hi there, my name is Ollie Twohill, I’m a 21-year-old singer songwriter based in the lush Northern Rivers of NSW Australia. I am a one-man band who has cut his musical teeth initially as a street busker to presently being a regular venue performer. I play a distinctive brand of original, upbeat, melodic, acoustic heavy / electric pop. I perform with looping pedal/s, stomp box, high hat cymbals, acoustic and electric guitars. I have been influenced by John Butler, John Mayer among numerous other artists. I recently released my debut single “Tapping Away” in late 2020. My sound was described as “If Mumford and Sons had a gruffer edge and Passenger was blessed with an Australian twang, you would probably end up with Ollie Twohill.” I have two (2) follow up singles recorded for release in early 2021. I have been busy writing new material with at least three (3) more songs to record in 2021. At this stage, my release strategy is focussed on releasing singles every 2-3 months apart rather than release an album. Over time I’m aiming to get a rhythm section for larger gig opportunities.
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