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Location : Australia, Kapunda, Stockwell & Vine Vale
Bio : The Band: Kai Bingham – Drums : Joey Mulholland – Bass/Vocals : Wil (Viddy) Vidovich – Lead Guitar/Vocals Newgate Crowd is a 3-piece alternative rock band bringing a big, punchy and energetic sound both live and in the studio. Our story… Once upon a time (circa 2019) in the Barossa Valley, a quirky guitarist met a loveable drummer and they fell in love. The two played their instruments and flirted with others, before realising, a very special someone was missing from this glorious chemistry. The quirky guitarist remembered sometime before; how fun it had been jamming with this feisty little bass player also with great taste in music. The tension had been electric. So, the 3 jammed, it was magic and in 2021, Newgate Crowd was born. 3 quirky, creative musician nerds, playing so hard that their fingers bled, with a desire to make awesome music and play to awesome crowds. Awards were won, articles were written, radio and TV appearances were made and Newgate Crowd began a wild ride. Today… We love tearing it up in the Adelaide indie music scene, performing alongside other emerging artists. To name drop a couple are Lola, Violet Harlot, St Loki, Townhouse, Mum’s Favourite, Exit Plan (a long list of awesomeness actually, how lucky are we). And in 2023, opening for legends Short Stack and The Beautiful Monument. With our 2023 debut 7-track debut EP ‘Auditory Processing’ out there, 2024 offers more gigs, music videos, crossing borders and more original music. We kicked this off with the release of our single ‘Change of Mood’ on 4th February.
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