This is a labour of love. I have been in and around music since I was 15 years old; I turned 40 last year and have nothing to show for my time, effort and money over the last 25 years! I have put this album together as art - to showcase my music / my style / my mind / my talent. It's all me, I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve here, putting it all out there and saying loudly to myself "you can do these things too..." Please listen, enjoy and appreciate that this has not come easy. It is raw, it is quirky, but it is me, all of me, nothing but me. And honestly, I struggle with the "me" sometimes. Thank you for listening. I truly hope you enjoy it - I have trouble visualising the actual demographic this would appeal to, but I know if I heard it I'd love it, so please, if you like it, let me know... I'd love to hear from you. Peace and much, much love!
You can do these things too...
By Gillson
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