Firstly let me say as an old timer it's great as an artis...
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Location : Australia, CORIO
Bio : Firstly let me say as an old timer it's great as an artists to have all the social media, music streaming and internet radio sites. As a songwriter it's a little different. We need the exposure to our material, but don't need a final product (as such). So we demo as good as we can do. And that's where I'm at. Over the years I have been influenced by the Beatles, Stones, Robert Zimmerman, Carol King, and most of the songwriters from the Brill Today (and I'm no different) we skip,jump and fast forward our music. Gone are the days when on a Sunday night "Casey" Kasem would play the top 40 hits and you listen to every song! So here I am in Reginal Victoria (Geelong) playing in a 60's covers band - SLYDE BACK. Whilst in the home studio I'm writing songs for my aliases & pseudonyms. Who am I Links? YOU YANG COUNTRY - YOU YANG COUNTRY - CINIMOD - CINIMOD - CREA MATLEN & WANE- THE LENNONGRADe MARCHING BAND-
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